Andean Travel Company

Andean Travel Company

Andean Travel Company is a comprehensive Destination Management Company for Ecuador & Galapagos.

Offering business-to-busines travel services, we take the time to better understand travellers' interests and offer the best ideas to suit individual travel requests. Our vast knowledge and product insight enables us to provide the most personalized travel experiences at the right quality and price, offering more value. We provide you the most complete travel solutions for any trip in Ecuador with a 24-hour assistance in case of any emergency. We ensure you objective feedback, give advice on your requests and are fully committed to a total client satisfaction. Are you looking for a special itinerary or an original experience, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Andean Travel Company was set up in 2001 as a tour operator specialised in Incoming Tourism and focussed on providing unique itineraries and services that surpass expectations of the most demanding customers. Strong foundations based on respect and cooperation have ensured a steady growth of the company, both in size and reputation. Nowadays, Andean Travel Company arranges all services for travellers from around the world so they can enjoy and get to know the diversity of the vast destinations that South America has to offer.

In 2008 Andean Travel Company launched its first exclusive product in the Galapagos Islands, the 16-passenger cruise yacht: M/Y Galapagos Voyager. Only a year later we launched the first class M/Y Galapagos Odyssey and in early 2011 the luxurious yacht named M/Y Galapagos Grand Odyssey. In 2014 the superior class M/Y San Jose and sailing catamaran Nemo I were added as the latest acquisitions to the fleet of yachts that the company currently manages exclusively.

The main compromise for Andean Travel Company is to work in the field of sustainable tourism and interact with communities in conservation projects, coaching it's members and sharing their knowledge about preservation of natural resources. With that in mind the company offers this approach as part of the interaction with the local communities in lodging conditioned to serve with high quality services and strong conservation policies, ensuring the decimation of unfavorable impacts on the nature surroundings.

In 2011 Andean Travel Company has been awarded the Rainforest Alliance Verification Mark for best practices in sustainable tourism operations. This certifies our labor and hard work towards our customers and resumes its vision of sustainable and respectful with nature and human being.