Nomads of the Seas

Nomads of the Seas

Nomads is a company created with one clear purpose: to become the world’s most important special interests operation covering the luxury segment with an unique offer, through a sophisticated operational model set up in the virgin and unexplored Chilean Patagonia.

Nomads of the Seas, is based on a state-of-the-art expedition cruise, the Atmosphere. It offers its guests the unique opportunity of exploring Patagonia by air, land and water.

Thanks to a first rate crew and a cutting edge air and water transport system, Nomads of the Seas can deliver the thrill of fly-fishing, the majesty of whale – watching as well as bird-watching, nature photography, and a varied selection of soft outdoor adventures in unexplored surroundings of incredible beauty, in the southernmost corner of the world.


The Nomads Patagonian adventure acquires an entire new meaning aboard Atmosphere with the delicious culinary varieties, refined Chilean wine tastings and the joy of newfound friendships in beautiful surroundings.

Nomads' gastronomic offer is one of the treats passengers can experience on board. Nomads of the Seas is the gateway to a unique and yet unexplored gastronomy: Patagonian cuisine. Its distinctive feature is the wide variety of native ingredients found in the southern part of Chile and used in traditional Chilean preparations. Its repertoire includes fish such as salmon, grouper and hake; among shellfish are abalone, sea urchin, krill and king crab. Red meats include lamb, beef and also a few game birds.

Patagonian food preparations will be presented in frequent gourmet events throughout the journey aboard Atmosphere. One of these will be dedicated to the savouring of calafate, a tasty black fruit that grows in Patagonia. There will also be special wine tastings featuring the best Chilean varieties, including some which are very hard to find in the market.

An inaugural dinner will follow, which will provide an introduction to Patagonian cuisine. Guests will be able to share preparations such as antipasto, pickled quail, duck confit, and shrimp, to name a few, in a wide array of presentations.

Farewell at Nomads includes an extraordinary dinner/tasting event which will allow guests to travel across Patagonian cuisine, as well as Chilean cuisine, both at their best. These delicious Patagonian meals are paired off with suitable, refined Chilean wines of different varieties.

Attire onboard is casual - no formal wear is required for evening meals.

Tipping Policy

All tips are pooled and divided among the staff. Their policy forbids individual tipping however tipping is at your discretion. Normal tipping ranges from 10-20%.

Children Policy

Children are not suitable for these expedition sailings