Tug Swell, Great Bear Rainforest ex Bella Bella to Kitimat

7 Night Cruise sailing from Bella Bella to Kitimat aboard Tug Swell.

Departure date: 27 May 2020
Embark port: Bella Bella, Canada
Cruise line: Maple Leaf Adventures
Ship: 80 foot Converted Tug Swell

Cruise Itinerary
Date Activity Arrive Depart
27/05/20 Bella Bella, Canada
28/05/20 At sea - -
29/05/20 At sea - -
30/05/20 At sea - -
31/05/20 At sea - -
01/06/20 At sea - -
02/06/20 At sea - -
03/06/20 Kitimat, BC. Canada
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Category Quad Triple Twin Single

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Cruise Description

7 Night Cruise sailing from Bella Bella to Kitimat aboard Tug Swell.

The Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia tour is alive with color each spring. Wildflowers and brilliant green sedges fill the estuaries where grizzlies come out to forage. Enjoy these sights on a Great Bear Rainforest Spring tour where you will explore deep fjords, walk through estuaries, and watch wildlife emerge during the vibrant spring season.

The Great Bear Rainforest is a land of fjords, islands and great river estuaries. It’s world’s largest intact temperate rainforest. Bears and wolf packs thrive as they have for millennia. Explore the wildlife, the waterfall-filled wonder, and the human history of one of earth’s most spectacular coastlines – “the last stand of the great North American rainforest,” according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Nature & Landscape:
The Great Bear Rainforest is a land of fjords, rainforests, islands and great river estuaries. There are no roads. Instead, everyone travels by water.

The many protected, unlogged and ancient rainforests, and the quiet, nutrient-rich ocean, support wildlife and ecosystems as they would have been thousands of years ago across the continent – where grizzly bears and wolf packs roam free and live from what they naturally have always lived from, including abundant salmon runs.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. calls it “the last stand of the great North American rainforest”.

Wildlife Highlights
Grizzly bear
Spirit bear (rare) and black furred black bear
Baleen whales (humpback, fin)
Killer whale / orca
Dall’s porpoise
Grey wolf (rare)
Bald eagle
Pacific salmon (in autumn)

Cultural History:
Explore the worlds of several northwest First Nations: the Heiltsuk, Kitasoo Xai’xais, Haisla, Gitga’at and Henaaksiala. Everywhere is evidence of their civilization.

Fish traps, bark-stripped trees and longhouse remains give testimony to a way of life tuned to the rhythm of nature.

You’ll visit modern villages, talk with local residents, and see the ancient art traditions still in place today.

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